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I have an overactive imagination and I make comics and costume props as well as being a cynical critic.
Daredevil is pretty much one badass character, and to be perfectly honest, he deserves a proper videogame in the worst way!  Yeah he had a game on Gameboy advanced that was a sidescroller but that was a movie tie-in... I'm talking about a full blown Daredevil game, we have the technology to make it possible, so why not do it now?  I imagine Daredevil to be like the Batman Arkham games mixed with Prince of Persia with a hint of La Noir.

-Solving crimes as Matt Murdock and Daredevil
One part of the game you play as Matt Murdock taking cases and using the judicial system to bring justice to your clients, but as Daredevil you can use those clues from the court cases to get leads on criminals and getting close to who they work for and shutting down their operations.
-Utilizing the other senses
Daredevil doesn't have any fancy gadgets like Batman, but he does have his heighten senses so he can sense people beyond walls, pick up smells off of his targets or track down drugs and other odors in the air and reviving a victim when their heart stops to get answers from them.
-Free flowing combat
Daredevil is one of the many greatest fighters in the Marvel universe, so being able to string together combos (kinda like the Batman Arkham games) would be amazing. Especially getting to use Daredevil's billy clubs and having them convert to nunchucks, a baton and grappling hook making combat fun.
-Appearances from other Marvel characters
Of course you gotta have cameos from characters like The Punisher, Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Heroes for Hire, and She-Hulk... even if they're just dropping by in Hell's Kitchen to say hi or for a side mission.

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